LevelUp Your Skills

Love to code? LevelUp is a paid internship that lets you turn your passion for technology into a career, including placement at leading American web sites!


The applications for the Autumn 2023 round are now open!

We are aiming to start on 

Monday, October 16th.

To apply, please keep reading and find the form below.

About LevelUp Academy

LevelUp Academy is a internship for beginners somewhat familiar with web development who are interested in getting real-world experience and kick-starting their career as a professional software developer. At LevelUp you will learn best practices in modern front-end and back-end development, how to work on a team and collaborate with others, and how software progresses through each stage from ideation to production.



At LevelUp Academy you will receive training in modern software development using state-of-the art front-end and back-end frameworks. You will build and then enhance your own software project, learning how to share your ideas with others, receive feedback, and interact with all of the teams involved in launching a product.



Testing is a critical aspect of professional software development. LevelUp Academy will teach you about unit, integration, and manual testing and how each element fits into the software development life cycle (SLDC). This experience will help you to feel confident about delivering reliable code on every project.


Soft Skills

Software development is a human endeavor! LevelUp Academy will help you learn how to interact effectively with all of your teammates in meetings, written communication, documentation, and of course code. With this training, you’ll feel right at home when you begin working in your first professional software team.



LevelUp Academy is open to applicants around the world! Provide us with your contact info and CV and we will review you background for fit in our program.

Find Out

LevelUp Academy is sponsored by Internet Brands (IB) to introduce talented beginners to the career of software development.

At the end of the program, students who pass the course may be asked to interview at any of the dozens of businesses and hundreds of websites operated by IB. Placement will depend on available openings, technical ability, and team fit among other factors.

See the list of Internet Brands’s many brands to learn more about who we are and the exciting career opportunities we offer.

LevelUp Academy’s next cohort will begin on 12 June, 2023 and will last 8-12 weeks depending on how quickly students proceed through the material.

Coursework will be partially synchronous, and students will need to be available for lectures or team activities from 2 PM to 8 PM GMT+2

For students who excel at the Academy, the last week of the course will be used for interviews and placement at positions within Internet Brands.

LevelUp is appropriate for people who already know how to code (including web development), but haven’t already started a professional software development career. Ideal candidates include recent computer science or STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) graduates, or anyone with enough experience in web development to pass our admissions tests and interview process.

We also welcome self-taught programmers with some professional experience who are looking to polish and complete their software development skill set.

LevelUp is not a coding bootcamp – you are expected to already know how to code, the basics of web development, and how to use a source control system such as Git.

The entire LevelUp Academy is taught in English, so candidates are expected to have C1 level command of English, both spoken and written.

Coursework will be done online using video conferencing; interaction over written media such as Slack, Jira, and Confluence; and assigned reading and exercises. If you can communicate effectively in English across all of these media, you’re a good fit for LevelUp.

The Academy is very practice-focused and in it we build a fully-functional full-stack interactive blogging app from scratch. We also teach all of the complementary tools such as SQL, git, Docker, bash and VSCode. The core tools we use are Laravel and Vue.js and the development is done using foundational principles of MVC and reactive UI. We hope that once you learn the principles on Laravel and Vue, you can transfer the knowledge and apply them in many other frameworks which are conceptually similar.

The goal of having a paid internship is to guarantee that you have enough income to focus on learning for the duration of the program. Therefore training stipends will be based on the cost of living in your city or country. After you submit your application and pass through our interview process, we will work with you to find a stipend that fits your situation.

Stipends are paid monthly and depend on continued, successful participation in the LevelUp Academy program.

LevelUp attendees are expected to provide:

* A quiet work location
* A reliable Internet connection and power
* A computer with a camera and microphone, at least 8 GB of RAM, and 50 GB of free disk space, running Windows 10+, OS X 12+, or an approved Linux distro

Part of the purpose of the LevelUp Academy stipend is to help students afford appropriate equipment.

LevelUp Academy is taught remotely by instructors in Zagreb, Croatia. As a remote academy, we welcome students from all over the world.

Coursework will be partially synchronous, and students will need to be available for lectures or team activities from 2 PM to 8 PM GMT+2 throughout the program.